My Thailand Elephant Trip

These are links to my blog pieces about my trip to Thailand volunteering to help elephants. I have tried to convey the richness of the travel experience, the deep transformation that the trip instilled in me, as well as the many humorous moments that I experienced (suffered through 🙂 ) along the way. I hope you will find these pieces entertaining and inspiring. Here they are in chronological order:

CONVERSATION BETWEEN MR. ANIMAL GUY AND MR. FEAR GUY… : Dealing with the fear of a new experience.

LAND OF A THOUSAND SMILES: Introduction to Thailand and the adventure.

BLOW-DRIED CHICKEN: More of my first week.

GET TO THE ELEPHANTS ALREADY: My new elephant friends.

BUGS!: The bugs! of Thailand.

LULU:  A portrait of a baby elephant.

THE MAHOUTS, PART ONE: Story of the elephant trainers.

THE MAHOUTS, PART TWO: More of the mahouts.


TATTOO ME: Tattoos, peer pressure, people, and alcoholism.

INTERVIEW WITH AN ELEPHANT: I interview the matriarch of the elephant herd.

A CAT IN ELEPHANT TOWN: An impressionistic piece about the experience in the village in Thailand.

THE ELEPHANT POLICE ARE HERE: Cornered by two elephants.

THE ISLAND OF MISFIT ELEPHANTS: My journey of volunteering, from cats to elephants.

THE OMEGA MAN: Part one of my experiences with the other volunteers.

THE ELEPHANT INSIDE ME: A photo of an elephant in a womb sparks deep feelings and thoughts. (not a post of the trip itself)

EAT THE LEECH TO GAIN ITS COURAGE: Part two of my experiences with other volunteers.

LIKE TEARS IN RAIN: A ‘greatest hits’ of some of the amazing moments that didn’t get their own blog posts.

SEPARATION ANXIETY: About being separated from loved ones on a long trip.

NIGHT HIKE PART ONE: A brutal night hike filled with humor and drama.

NIGHT HIKE PART TWO: More brutality, humor, and drama.

GOODBYE THAILAND: My farewell post.

2 thoughts on “My Thailand Elephant Trip

  1. Hi Michael, I’m very much enjoying your trip to Thailand. Savoring it like a good book. But, I need to tell you the link on this page to “Attack of the Giant Zombie Leeches” is broken. It is, thus: having the unwanted http:// at the end of the link. BTW, I glad you lived to tell about that horrible giant zombie leech attack, creepy. Feel free to delete this, or keep it.

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