My name is Michael Lane. I live in Los Angeles in a little house where I can often see birds and deer and coyotes and raccoons and skunks and owls. I have four cats and I love them. I love all animals. For that reason I don’t eat them, but this was an evolution for me, so I am not interested in shaming people. What I am attempting to do is show through personal experience that not only are animals cool to have around, but they can also teach us and change our lives for the better. Maybe then can we see that they have their own lives and their own purposes on this planet, and that we’re all in this together, humans and animals.

I am interested in writing serious pieces on animal issues, as well as humorous fiction (with animals as the subjects of course!), so prepare to be jolted around if you read more than one post.

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EMAIL: mlane725@gmail.com

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/animalmikelane

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/animalmikelane

LINKED IN: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/michael-lane/5/244/8aa

16 thoughts on “About

  1. Michael, I like your blog. I am intrigued by your passion, a noble and redemptive passion, for connecting with elephants and cats, and … on & on. I hope to visit your blog again, so I can read more. And, thank you for visiting my Wilder Man on Rolling Creek blog. I appreciate that. I hope your transition into 2014 is good. Peace, T

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  3. Michael, you inspire others by your actions and the way you live your life. The animal world is fortunate indeed to have you as their friend. Thanks for visiting and following my blog…I will be back to enjoy more of yours.

  4. Thanks for being such an awesome person. I wish more people viewed animals the way you do. As a vegan and animal activist myself, it’s always nice to meet others who think the same.

  5. Well said! We absolutely love nature and seeing wildlife in their natural environments – we find it so humbling that we can witness such beauty! We look forward to reading what you have to share.
    Although, we are not vegetarian or vegans, we have consciously been cutting back on the amount of meat we consume. We try to look for alternatives but as its only a way of life we are trying to introduce ourselves to; its quite a gradual process as we learn.

    • I’ve created a resource for Vegans and also aspiring Vegans so that people can learn about Veganism and the issues related to human interactions with nonhuman animals:


      If you are planning a change, please do not go vegetarian (vegetarianism is not really any better for animals or humans than eating meat) but skip right to Vegan. It’s easy, as long as you believe that animals matter morally. And it’s incredibly rewarding for you and wonderful for the animals and the planet.

      If you have any other questions about Veganism don’t hesitate to post them on my blog and I will answer them and give you my email as well. I would love to give any advice or support I can.

    • Hi Emy!

      Still around. I’m just focusing on my novel in my free time; it was too hard to both blog and write the novel. Unfortunately that means I’m not that connected at the moment. As soon as I finish my first draft I can come back for a while. I still get notices of your posts and read them when I can but the blogosphere, even though I love it, was just taking too much time. Happy Holidays and keep up the good work :).


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